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Costs of owning a property

The following is a general guide on the costs associated with owning a property on the Costa del Sol. Note that these costs vary depending on the locality, for example the IBI in Marbella is slightly higher than the neighbouring community of Benahavis.

  • Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebies (IBI) – the annual municipal tax that is paid before September 10, both residents and non-residents. Varies from 200 to 1000+ EUR per year depending on the cost and location of the property. Money received by the treasury of the municipality from this tax go to the improvement of the city, infrastructure improvements, etc.
  • Payment for accommodation in urbanization (territory cleaning, cleaning the pool) EUR 50 per month for a small apartment and going up to more than 1000 per month for very luxury urbanisations with extensive services.
  • Payment for water consumption: 0.4 to 0.8 euros per cubic meter. VAT (value depends on the amount of water consumed)
  • Electricity: about 0,09 euros kW / hour with VAT
  • Garbage disposal 70-180 EUR per year.
  • Telephone and internet; typically about €45 per month plus telephone use